About Me

I spent the majority of my teenage years denying I was a country girl. In the loosest sense of the word, I lived in the city. That means in my small town home of Cullman, AL, I lived just inside the city limits. We had about eight redlights that stretched through the whole length of downtown, no movie theater and hanging out in the high school parking lot was perfectly acceptable behavior.

I was a cheerleader, thought people who lived in the county were “hicks,” and was determined to keep my naturally brown roots blonde. On the outside I convinced my family and teachers I was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the field of international law, but on the inside, I was country to the core.

I loved going cave exploring with my brother, cutting trees with my dad and going fishing with my grandpa, but my deepest love was horses. I can still remember Dallas–my first Barbie horse. He was a big Palamino with silky white hair that would soon be joined by Prancer, a white Arabian, and a herd of My Little Ponies.

I had so many horses that Dad built them a barn to keep them all together. One birthday after another, Breyers were added to the collection. A good report card would get me another and with each visit from grandmother, I’d see one more.

As most parents do, my mom and dad assumed I would grow out of it. Wrong! The itch didn’t go away, so they agreed to let me go to a family friend’s to start taking Western Pleasure lessons.

Lobo Bright Sizzler was his name and he was quite a specimen of a quarter horse. Lessons came and went, day after day, and I finally convinced my friend to let me take him to a show. I wish I could tell you I won countless ribbons, but the truth is I lost…a lot.

There was one girl in my classes who beat me EVERY time except for once (she wasn’t at the show that weekend), but I had the greatest time back then. Once during a class, we were instructed to lope around the arena, and Lobo decided it was time to show everybody how fast he could go. I didn’t win that class either. :)

After my time with Lobo, city girl life took over. I was a borderline obsessive student and worked two jobs through high school. Not really any time for a horse, and what was the point since I knew there was never any way I’d ever have one?

High School. College. Graduate School. Marriage. There was always something going on in my life, but deep in my heart the love for the horse never waivered. I needed a horse one day. As you read “Meet Marquise,” you’ll read the story of how my sweet Arabian came into my life and through the pages that follow, you’ll better understand what he’s done for me.

Because of him, my husband Jeff and I have a cute little 5-acre farmette where we have room to stretch our legs and enjoy our six animals- 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 goats and of course, Marquise. Its been a fun time for sure, and I hope to keep you interested enough to tell you my whole story one day.