Ask Me Anything

Amber H. Massey Headshot 2Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start writing?

When I was in college, my English professors encouraged me to write and consider it as a profession. At that point in my life I was dead-set on doing something I thought was more glamorous, so I never gave it a second thought. It took a treacherous fall with Marquise at the top of a waterfall for God to convince me His plans were greater than my own.

When did you start riding and when did you get your first horse?

I was that little girl who always wanted a horse, so I rode any chance I got…which was very seldom. In high school I took some lessons and showed a little, but once time for college came around, I was forced drop the reins. At 28 years old and married with a career, I rolled coins until I had enough cash in hand to drive to Tennessee and buy Marquise, my first horse.

If you didn’t ride, do you think you would have ever started writing?

No way. I’ve never been one to journal or write down my thoughts and feelings, so it wasn’t until God started filling my life with stories and inspiration that the ink hit the paper.

How has riding influenced your writing?

Not only did riding inspire my stories, but it also taught me how much joy can come from something that is so hard. I have a lot of stories about rough times Marquise and I have faced, but the joy that I’ve found on the other side of them makes it worth the struggle.

How has writing influenced your riding?

Now that I’ve started writing, I’m constantly looking for “horse lessons.” Sometimes I learn something that makes a great story, and sometimes I get a lesson that I dare not share. ;)

How do you stay motivated to ride and to write?

It’s easy to stay motivated to ride. It’s been a passion from the first My Little Pony I held in my tiny hands, but writing–that’s a different story. I love it, but it’s hard. Really hard. However, once I get to a quiet place and get into a zone, the words start pouring out faster than I can type. That experience alone is enough to keep me writing.

What is the most challenging aspect of writing?

Finding the place where I can really lock into my characters and sort out their stories. We are all guilty of being too busy, and getting quiet is almost an impossibility in today’s fast-paced society. I have to be very intentional with my time and limit distractions in order to be productive.

What has writing allowed you to do that you may never have done otherwise?

I never would have had the bravery to share my faith with other horse lovers. If God can use a horse, a trail, and a tack room, He can use anything to show His love, and I’m thrilled He’s letting me be a part of His plan.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring rider or writer?

For the aspiring rider–find a good trainer or friend who will teach you the art of listening to your horse. So many horse “problems” can be fixed when we take time to understand and respect these magnificent animals.

For the aspiring writer–listen to those around you. If you are a gifted writer, or just enjoy putting your thoughts on paper, take time to learn the craft. Don’t discount what your writing may be used for.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book For the Love of Horses will be donated to Brown Family Ministries. Who is the Brown Family and how will this money be used?

The Browns have been friends of ours for years, and when they were called into full-time ministry in 2009 as Brown Family Ministries, Inc. (501-c3), we came alongside them as supporters. Mark, Angie, Erin, Meagan, and Caleb travel near and far following the mission statement of BFM which is “Loving People to Christ.” Their musical talent has allowed them to lead worship at conferences for well-known speakers such as Jim Cymbala, Richard Blackaby, and Ken Ham, but true to their Mississippi roots, they haven’t forgotten the guys and girls of the cowboy culture. Their cowboy ministry has allowed them to serve within avenues such as the Professional Bucking Bull Association and most recently the Professional Bulls Riders. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of For the Love of Horses will be donated to BFM to encourage them as they continue to reach the people of the rural culture we love so much.