How it Began

For the Love PicFor the Love of Horses: Everyday Lessons from Life in the Saddle (Harvest House Publishers, September 2014) began with simply journaling about experiences Marquise and I have shared over the years and the lessons God has taught me along the way. I’ll be honest. Writing a book was not anywhere on my agenda, but after a few years of looking for better things to do, I finally began to write with the intent of reaching out to other horse lovers.

The equestrian culture is incredibly diverse and so are the people in it. Western, English, Endurance (one of my personal favorites), and just plain trail blazing are only a handful of the different styles of riding.

Some of us wear tights and helmets. Others rock the wranglers and cowboy hats. Still, in the midst of our differences, we do manage to have two things in common: the need to have horses in our lives and the need to know Christ. Some of us discover the latter later than others, yet it doesn’t change the fact that we all need Him.

That’s the purpose of For the Love of Horses–to share the Gospel with horse lovers from all walks of life. As I share my story bit by bit, you will consistently see the spiritual truths I’ve learned along the way. You’ll laugh with me, cry and sometimes ask, “Why?” but more than anything, I pray you get to know the heart of Christ better through the work He has done in this book.